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Application processDistribution procedure.

The application process and distribution procedure for the allocation of funds are the same as the competitive application process and distribution procedure for the housing trust fund, described in this chapter and chapter 43.185A RCW, except for the funds applied to the *homeless families services fund created in RCW 43.330.167, dollars appropriated to weatherization administered through the energy matchmaker program, dollars appropriated for housing vouchers for homeless persons, victims of domestic violence, and low-income persons or seasonal farmworkers, and dollars appropriated to any program to provide financial assistance for grower-provided on-farm housing for low-income migrant or seasonal farmworkers.


*Reviser's note: The "homeless families services fund" was renamed the "Washington youth and families fund" by 2015 c 69 § 24.
Finding2006 c 349: "The legislature finds that Washington is experiencing an affordable housing crisis and that this crisis is growing exponentially every year as the population of the state expands and housing values increase at a rate that far exceeds most households' proportionate increase in income.
The fiscal and societal costs of the lack of adequate affordable housing are high for both the public and private sectors. Current levels of funding for affordable housing programs are inadequate to meet the housing needs of many low-income Washington households." [ 2006 c 349 § 1.]
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