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Selection of underwritersWritten policies to be adopted.

(1) The commission shall adopt written policies to provide for the selection of underwriters. The policies shall provide for the creation of a roster of underwriters whom the commission believes possess the requisite special expertise and professional standing to provide bond marketing services which would be accepted by bondholders and other members of the financial community, and which would be in furtherance of the public interest in marketing the commission's bonds at the lowest possible costs. Any underwriter may apply to have its name placed on the roster, but may not be placed on the roster unless it demonstrates to the commission's satisfaction that it meets the requirements of this section.
(2) Whenever the commission decides that it needs the services of an underwriter, it shall provide all underwriters on the roster with a notice of its intentions and shall invite each of them to submit to the commission an itemization of its fees and other charges for providing underwriting services on the issue. The itemization shall be by categories designed by the commission. The commission shall have wide discretion in selecting the underwriter it considers to be most appropriate to provide the services, but in the exercise of this discretion the commission shall consider the underwriter's fees and other charges and the public interest in achieving both savings in the total costs of underwriting services and issuance of bonds on terms most favorable to the commission.
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