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Training modules for missing persons protocols.

The Washington state forensic investigations council, in cooperation with the Washington association of coroners and medical examiners and other interested agencies, shall develop training modules that are essential to the effective implementation and use of missing persons protocols using funds provided in RCW 43.79.445. The training commission shall make the training modules available to small departments or those at remote locations with the least disruption. The modules shall include, but not be limited to: The reporting process, the use of forms and protocols, the effective use of resources, the collection and importance of evidence and preservation of biological evidence, and risk assessment of the individuals reported missing.


Intent2007 c 10: "It is the intent of this act to build upon the research and findings of the Washington state missing persons task force, assembled by the state attorney general in 2003, the United States department of justice, and the initiative taken in chapter 102, Laws of 2006, by the legislature to aid in recovery of missing persons and the identification of human remains." [ 2007 c 10 § 1.]
FindingIntent2006 c 102: See note following RCW 36.28A.100.
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