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Criminal profiteeringAssistance to local officials.

The attorney general may: (1) Assist local law enforcement officials in the development of cases arising under the criminal profiteering laws with special emphasis on narcotics related cases; (2) assist local prosecutors in the litigation of criminal profiteering or drug asset forfeiture cases, or, at the request of a prosecutor's office, litigate such cases on its behalf; and (3) conduct seminars and training sessions on prosecution of criminal profiteering cases and drug asset forfeiture cases.


Findings1991 c 345: "The legislature finds that drug asset forfeiture and criminal profiteering laws allow law enforcement officials and the courts to strip drug dealers and other successful criminals of the wealth they have acquired from their crimes and the assets they have used to facilitate those crimes. These laws are rarely used by prosecutors, however, because of the difficulty in identifying profiteering and the assets that criminals may have as a result of their crimes. It is the intent of the legislature to provide assistance to local law enforcement officials and state agencies to seize the assets of criminals and the proceeds of their profiteering." [ 1991 c 345 § 1.]
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