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Long-term services and supports trust programAuditReport.

By December 1, 2032, the state auditor must conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the long-term services and supports trust program established in chapter 50B.04 RCW and deliver a report, including a conclusion and recommendations for improvement to the legislature regarding:
(1) Program operations, including the performance of the long-term services and supports trust commission established in RCW 50B.04.030;
(2) Program financial status, including solvency, the value of the benefit provided, and the financial balance of program benefits to costs;
(3) The overall efficacy of the program, based on the established goals under chapter 363, Laws of 2019 including, but not limited to:
(a) Delaying middle class families' need to spend to poverty to receive medicaid-funded long-term care;
(b) Strengthening the state economy through improving workforce participation;
(c) Reducing the caseload and expenditures of the state medicaid program on long-term care; and
(d) Obtaining shared savings through a medicaid demonstration waiver.
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