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Performance auditsCitizen advisory board.

(1) The citizen advisory board is created to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability in state government.
(2) The board shall consist of ten members as follows:
(a) One member shall be the state auditor, who shall be a nonvoting member;
(b) One member shall be the legislative auditor, who shall be a nonvoting member;
(c) One member shall be the director of the office of financial management, who shall be a nonvoting member;
(d) Four of the members shall be selected by the governor as follows: Each major caucus of the house of representatives and the senate shall submit a list of three names. The lists may not include the names of members of the legislature or employees of the state. The governor shall select a person from each list provided by each caucus; and
(e) The governor shall select three citizen members who are not state employees.
(3) The board shall elect a chair. The legislative auditor, the state auditor, and the director of the office of financial management may not serve as chair.
(4) Appointees shall be individuals who have a basic understanding of state government operations with knowledge and expertise in performance management, quality management, strategic planning, performance assessments, or closely related fields.
(5) Members selected under subsection (2)(d) and (e) of this section shall serve for terms of four years, with the terms expiring on June 30th on the fourth year of the term. However, in the case of the initial members, two members shall serve four-year terms, two members shall serve three-year terms, and one member shall serve a two-year term, with each of the terms expiring on June 30th of the applicable year. Appointees may be reappointed to serve more than one term.
(6) The office of the state auditor shall provide clerical, technical, and management personnel to the board to serve as the board's staff.
(7) The board shall meet at least once a quarter and may hold additional meetings at the call of the chair or by a majority vote of the members of the board.
(8) The members of the board shall be compensated in accordance with RCW 43.03.220 and reimbursed for travel expenses in accordance with RCW 43.03.050 and 43.03.060.


Findings2005 c 385: See note following RCW 43.09.430.
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