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Audit of entities with state contracts or grantsCosts.

The state auditor may, where there is reasonable cause to believe that a misuse of state moneys has occurred, conduct an audit of financial and legal compliance of any entity that receives public moneys through contract or grant in return for services. This authority includes examinations of not-for-profit corporations who provide personal services to a state agency or to clients of a state agency. Such a financial audit shall be performed in a manner consistent with this chapter, and may be performed according to an agreed upon procedures engagement as in the existing 1998 standards of the American institute of certified public accountants professional standards section 600.
The state auditor may charge the contracting agency, whether state or local, for the costs of an audit of a not-for-profit corporation that receives public moneys through contract or grant in return for services. Any contracting agency that is responsible to the state auditor for such costs shall use due diligence to recover costs from the audited entity.


FindingsIntent1998 c 232: "The legislature finds that the state auditor lacks the needed authority to investigate the finances of state nongovernmental contractors. The legislature further finds that current contract oversight and management procedures cannot ensure that services under contract are delivered effectively and efficiently. Therefore, the legislature intends to enhance the authority of the state auditor to audit entities that provide services to the state or its clients under contract with state agencies." [ 1998 c 232 § 1.]
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