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Monthly financial report on funds and accounts.

As soon as possible after the close of each calendar month, the state treasurer shall prepare a report as to the state of the general fund and every other fund under his or her control itemized as to:
(1) The amount in the fund at the close of business at the end of the preceding month;
(2) The amount of revenue deposited or transferred to the credit of each fund during the current month;
(3) The amount of withdrawals or transfers from each fund during the current month; and
(4) The amount on hand in each fund at the close of business at the end of the current month.
One copy of each report shall be provided promptly to those requesting them so long as the supply lasts. The report shall be posted on the official website of the state treasurer. The report shall also include a graphical display of month end balances, for both the current and previous fiscal year, for the general fund, total funds in the treasury, total funds in the treasurer's trust fund, and total funds managed by the state treasurer.


Intent2010 c 222: "The legislature recognizes the significant financial benefits realized by the state through consolidated cash management activities. It is the intent of this act to encourage and, when financially advantageous, to expand those activities." [ 2010 c 222 § 1.]
Biennial reports, periods: RCW 43.01.035.
Investment of surplus funds, rules and allocations to be published in report: RCW 43.86A.050.
Reports, budget and accounting system: RCW 43.88.160.
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