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Economic opportunity act programsState participationAuthority of governor.

The governor, or his or her designee, is hereby authorized and empowered to undertake such programs as will, in the judgment of the governor, or his or her designee, enable families and individuals of all ages, in rural and urban areas, in need of the skills, knowledge, motivations, and opportunities to become economically self-sufficient to obtain and secure such skills, knowledge, motivations, and opportunities. Such programs may be engaged in as solely state operations, or in conjunction or cooperation with any appropriate agency of the federal government, any branch or agency of the government of this state, any city or town, county, municipal corporation, metropolitan municipal corporation or other political subdivision of the state, or any private corporation. Where compliance with the provisions of federal law or rules or regulations promulgated thereunder is a necessary condition to the receipt of federal funds by the state, the governor or his or her designee, is hereby authorized to comply with such laws, rules or regulations to the extent necessary for the state to cooperate most fully with the federal government in furtherance of the programs herein authorized.


County participation in Economic Opportunity Act programs: RCW 36.32.410.
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