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Facilitating recovery from Mt. St. Helens eruptionScope of state agency action.

State agencies shall take action as follows to facilitate recovery from the devastation of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens:
(1) The department of transportation may secure any lands or interest in lands by purchase, exchange, lease, eminent domain, or donation for dredge sites, dredge spoils sites, flood control works, sediment retention works, or bank protection;
(2) The commissioner of public lands may by rule declare any public lands found to be damaged by the eruption of Mt. St. Helens, directly or indirectly, as surplus to the needs of the state and may dispose of such lands pursuant to Title 79 RCW to public or private entities for development, park and recreation uses, open space, or fish and wildlife habitat;
(3) All state agencies shall cooperate with local governments, the United States army corps of engineers, and other agencies of the federal government in planning for dredge site selection and dredge spoils removal, and in all other phases of recovery operations;
(4) The department of transportation shall work with the counties concerned on-site selection and site disposition in cooperation with the army corps of engineers; and
(5) State agencies may assist the army corps of engineers in the dredging and dredge spoils deposit operations.


Severability1983 1st ex.s. c 1: See note following RCW 43.01.200.
Severability1982 c 7: See note following RCW 36.01.150.
Facilitating recovery from Mt. St. Helens eruptionScope of local government action: RCW 36.01.150.
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