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Disclosure by research professional.

No research professional who has established an individually identifiable research record from personal record information pursuant to RCW 42.48.020(2), or who has established a research record from data or information voluntarily provided by an agency client or employee under a written confidentiality assurance for the explicit purpose of research, may disclose such a record in individually identifiable form unless:
(1) The person to whom the research record pertains or the person's legally authorized representative has given prior informed written consent for the disclosure; or
(2) The research professional reasonably believes that disclosure will prevent or minimize injury to a person and the disclosure is limited to information necessary to protect the person who has been or may be injured, and the research professional reports the disclosure only to the person involved or the person's guardian, the person's physician, and the agency; or
(3)(a) The research record is disclosed in individually identifiable form for the purposes of auditing or evaluating a research program; and
(b) The audit or evaluation is authorized or required by federal or state law or regulation or is based upon an explicit provision in a research contract, grant, or other written research agreement; and
(c) No subsequent disclosure of the research record in individually identifiable form will be made by the auditor or evaluator except as provided in this section; or
(4) The research record is furnished in compliance with a search warrant or court order: PROVIDED, That:
(a) The court issues the search warrant or judicial subpoena concerning the research record solely for the purpose of facilitating inquiry into an alleged violation of law by the research professional using the record for a research purpose or by the agency; and
(b) Any research record obtained pursuant to (a) of this subsection and any information directly or indirectly derived from the research record shall remain confidential to the extent possible and shall not be used as evidence in an administrative, judicial, or legislative proceeding except against the research professional using the record for a research purpose or against the state agency.
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