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Commercial nuclear plantsApplication of chapter to certain employees.

(1) In order to assure the uninterrupted and dedicated service of employees employed by employees of operators of certain commercial nuclear plants, the provisions of RCW 41.56.430 through 41.56.470, 41.56.480, and 41.56.490 shall apply to the operating and maintenance employees of a joint operating agency as defined in RCW 43.52.250 who are employed at a commercial nuclear power plant operating under a site certificate issued under chapter 80.50 RCW, except as provided in subsection (2) of this section.
(2) In making its determination, the arbitration panel shall take into consideration the following factors:
(a) The constitutional and statutory authority of the employer;
(b) Stipulations of the parties;
(c) A comparison of the wages, benefits, hours of work, and working conditions of the personnel involved in the proceeding with those of like personnel in relevant Washington labor markets. For classifications not found in Washington, the comparison shall be made with similar personnel in the states of California and Arizona, taking into account the relative differences in the cost of living;
(d) Economic indices, fiscal constraints, relative differences in the cost of living, and similar factors determined by the arbitration panel to be pertinent to the case;
(e) Other factors, not confined to the factors under (a) through (d) of this subsection, that are normally or traditionally taken into consideration in the determination of wages, benefits, hours of work, and working conditions.
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