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Mandatory assignment of retirement benefitsWithdrawal of accumulated contributionsNotice to obligeePayment to obligee.

(1) An obligee who wishes to be notified by the department of retirement systems if the obligor seeks a withdrawal of accumulated contributions shall submit such a request to the department in writing on a form supplied by the department. The request shall be filed by certified or registered mail and shall include the obligee's address and a copy of the dissolution order requiring the spousal maintenance owed.
(2) The department shall thereafter promptly send notice to the obligee at the address provided in subsection (1) of this section when the obligor applies for a withdrawal of accumulated contributions. The department shall not process the obligor's request for a withdrawal of accumulated contributions sooner than seventy-five days after sending the notice to the obligee.
(3) The department shall pay directly to an obligee who has not obtained a mandatory benefits assignment order all or part of the accumulated contributions if the dissolution order filed with the department pursuant to subsection (1) of this section includes a provision that states:
"At such time as . . . . . . (the obligor) requests a withdrawal of accumulated contributions as defined in RCW 41.50.500, the department of retirement systems shall pay to . . . . . . (the obligee) . . . . . . dollars from such accumulated contributions or . . . percentage of such accumulated contributions (whichever is provided by the court)."


Severability1991 c 365: See note following RCW 41.50.500.
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