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Correction of erroneous deduction or pickup of contributions.

(1) By December 31, 1992, the department of retirement systems shall implement and complete the following process for those members of the law enforcement officers' and firefighters' retirement system plan 2, public employees' retirement system plans 1 and 2, and teachers' retirement system plan 2 who erroneously had contributions either deducted or picked-up from their earnings on and after January 1, 1987:
(a) Create a list of transactions by employer for those members whose employer either deducted or picked-up employee contributions during a month where an employee did not work sufficient hours to earn service credit;
(b) Provide the affected employers with direction and guidance for the review of the transmitted lists from this subsection and the employers' preparation of any necessary correcting transactions to the department's records;
(c) Receive all correcting transactions submitted by the employer.
(2) All debits and credits to all member accounts affected by this remedial process shall be reconciled by the department.
(3) All moneys payable to an affected member, or any moneys to be further deducted or picked-up from such member's earnings, shall be determined and accomplished solely by the employer.
(4) After December 31, 1992, no credit of employer contributions shall be made.
(5) Return of contributions to an employee by the department is limited solely to when such member retires or otherwise terminates his or her membership and chooses to withdraw them with any accumulated interest.
(6) Employer contributions forfeited under this section shall be transferred to the department of retirement systems expense account.


FindingsEffective dates1991 c 343: See notes following RCW 41.50.005.
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