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Wage deductions.

Any and all officials and boards having charge of the preparation of payrolls and payment of salaries and wages to such eligible officials and employees are hereby authorized and directed to make payroll and salary and wage deductions and to handle and dispose of the same as required by such federal act; and any official or board being authorized to disburse funds respectively for the office, department or division of the state, county, city or town, or other municipal corporation or political subdivision in which any such eligible official or employee is employed is authorized to pay and disburse out of any funds available for the operation and maintenance of such office, department or division such sums and dispose of and handle the same in such manner as is required and necessary to make payments and benefits of said federal act available to such eligible officials and employees.
[ 1941 c 205 § 2; Rem. Supp. 1941 § 9998-58. Formerly RCW 74.40.020.]
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