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Disability allowanceDeath of recipient.

(1) A member of the retirement system who becomes totally incapacitated for continued employment by an employer as determined by the department shall be eligible to receive an allowance under the provisions of plan 3. The member shall receive a monthly disability allowance computed as provided for in RCW 41.40.790 and shall have this allowance actuarially reduced to reflect the difference in the number of years between age at disability and the attainment of age sixty-five.
Any member who receives an allowance under the provisions of this section shall be subject to comprehensive medical examinations as required by the department. If these medical examinations reveal that a member has recovered from the incapacitating disability and the member is offered reemployment by an employer at a comparable compensation, the member shall cease to be eligible for the allowance.
(2) If the recipient of a monthly retirement allowance under this section dies, any further benefit payments shall be conditioned by the payment option selected by the retiree as provided in RCW 41.40.845.
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