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Report of accidentTime limitation for filing report and claim.

A participant shall not receive relief for disability, sickness, or injuries received in the performance of his or her duties, unless there is filed with the board of trustees a report of accident, which report shall be subscribed to by the claimant, the head of the department, and the authorized attending physician, if there is one. A claim for benefits arising from disability, sickness, or injuries incurred in consequence or as a result of the performance of duties shall not be allowed by the state board unless there has been filed with it a report of accident within ninety days after its occurrence and a claim based thereon within one year after the occurrence of the accident on which such claim is based. The state board may require such other or further evidence as it deems advisable before ordering any relief.


Effective date1989 c 91: See note following RCW 41.24.010.
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