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Board of trustees—How constituted.

A firefighter board of trustees is created and established to administer this chapter in every municipal corporation maintaining a regularly organized fire department. A firefighter board of trustees shall consist of the mayor, city clerk or comptroller, and one councilmember of such municipality, the chief of the fire department, and one member of the fire department to be elected by the members of such fire department for a term of one year and annually thereafter. Where a municipality is governed by a board, the chair, one member of the board, and the secretary or clerk thereof shall serve as members of the firefighter board of trustees in lieu of the mayor, clerk or comptroller, and councilmember.
[ 1999 c 148 s 6; 1981 c 213 s 7; 1945 c 261 s 6; 1943 c 137 s 2; Rem. Supp. 1945 s 9578-20. Prior: 1935 c 121 s 2; RRS s 9578-2.]
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