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Retired participant may resume volunteer serviceBoard approval required.

(1) A local municipality may, at its discretion, permit a retired participant to make application to the local board to resume volunteer service as a firefighter, under the following conditions:
(a) A retired participant who chooses to resume volunteer service is not eligible for disability payments pursuant to RCW 41.24.150 in the event that the retired participant becomes disabled as the result of the performance of his or her duties.
(b) Prior to permitting a retired participant to resume volunteer service, a local board shall require that a retired participant submit to annual examinations by a physician or other medical staff. A retired participant may resume volunteer service only if the examining physician or other medical staff certifies each year that the retired participant meets appropriate medical and health standards. Physicians and medical staff that examine retired participants shall be reimbursed by the local municipality, and report to the local and state boards, consistent with RCW 41.24.110.
(c) A local municipality that elects to permit retired participants to resume volunteer service shall be required to pay an additional annual charge based on the increased cost of medical and relief benefits for retired participants. The amount of the additional annual charge shall be set by the state board, in consultation with the state actuary.
(2) No period of volunteer service performed by a retired participant may be used in calculating a retirement pension under RCW 41.24.170.
(3) The legislature reserves the right to amend or repeal this section in the future and no participant, retired participant, or beneficiary has a contractual right to resume volunteer service while in receipt of a retirement pension.
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