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Executive agenciesPaid leave for life-giving proceduresLimitationsIntentDefinition.

(1) All executive agencies shall allow employees to take paid leave, not to exceed thirty days in a two-year period, as needed to participate in life-giving procedures. Such leave shall not be charged against sick leave or annual leave, and use of leave without pay is not required.
(2) Agencies may take into account program implementation and staffing replacement requirements in the scheduling of such leave time. Employees may be required to provide reasonable advance notice of a desire to take paid leave time under this section.
(3) When planning for and granting paid leave under this section, agencies shall take into account provisions of collective bargaining agreements that cover leave usage. Any additional leave time needed for life-giving procedures is subject to each agency's leave policies and collective bargaining agreements.
(4) Employees must provide written proof from an accredited medical institution, physician, or other medical professional that the employee participated in a life-giving procedure.
(5) This section does not create any entitlement or other right that may be converted to cash, other compensation, or any other benefit. It is intended only to encourage altruistic life-giving procedures, and to allow paid leave to participate in such procedures.
(6) Agencies may continue or implement any informal, flextime, ad hoc, or other leave.
(7) For purposes of this section, "life-giving procedure" means a medically supervised procedure involving the testing, sampling, or donation of organs, tissues, and other human body components for the purposes of donation, without compensation, to a person or organization for medically necessary treatments. "Life-giving procedure" does not include the donation of blood or plasma.
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