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Transmission of record on change of venueCosts, attorney's fee.

(1) When an order is made transferring an action or proceeding for trial, the clerk of the court must transmit the pleadings and papers therein to the court to which it is transferred and charge a fee as provided in RCW 36.18.016. The costs and fees thereof and of filing the papers anew must be paid by the party at whose instance the order was made, except in the cases mentioned in RCW 4.12.030(1), in which case the plaintiff shall pay costs of transfer and, in addition thereto, if the court finds that the plaintiff could have determined the county of proper venue with reasonable diligence, it shall order the plaintiff to pay the reasonable attorney's fee of the defendant for the changing of venue to the proper county. The court to which an action or proceeding is transferred has and exercises over the same the like jurisdiction as if it had been originally commenced therein.
(2) In acting on any motion for dismissal without prejudice in a case where a motion for change of venue under subsection (1) of this section has been made, the court shall, if it determines the motion for change of venue proper, determine the amount of attorney's fee properly to be awarded to defendant and, if the action be dismissed, the attorney's fee shall be a setoff against any claim subsequently brought on the same cause of action.
[ 2005 c 457 s 11; 1969 ex.s. c 144 s 1; Code 1881 s 54; 1877 p 12 s 55; 1875 p 7 s 10; 1869 p 14 ss 55, 56; RRS s 215.]


Intent2005 c 457: See note following RCW 43.08.250.
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