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*** CHANGE IN 2023 *** (SEE 5087-S.SL) ***
As used in this chapter the following terms have the following meanings unless a different meaning is clearly indicated by the context:
(1) "Apportionment district" means the geographic area, within an urban area, from which regular property taxes are to be apportioned to finance a public improvement contained therein.
(2) "Assessed value of real property" means the valuation of real property as placed on the last completed assessment roll of the county.
(3) "City" means any city or town.
(4) "Ordinance" means any appropriate method of taking a legislative action by a county or city, whether known as a statute, resolution, ordinance, or otherwise.
(5) "Public improvement" means an undertaking to provide public facilities in an urban area which the sponsor has authority to provide.
(6) "Public improvement costs" means the costs of design, planning, acquisition, site preparation, construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, improvement, and installation of the public improvement; costs of relocation, maintenance, and operation of property pending construction of the public improvement; costs of utilities relocated as a result of the public improvement; costs of financing, including interest during construction, legal and other professional services, taxes, and insurance; costs incurred by the assessor to revalue real property for the purpose of determining the tax allocation base value that are in excess of costs incurred by the assessor in accordance with his or her revaluation plan under chapter 84.41 RCW, and the costs of apportioning the taxes and complying with this chapter and other applicable law; and administrative costs reasonably necessary and related to these costs. These costs may include costs incurred prior to the adoption of the public improvement ordinance, but subsequent to July 10, 1982.
(7) "Public improvement ordinance" means the ordinance passed under RCW 39.88.040(4).
(8) "Regular property taxes" means regular property taxes as now or hereafter defined in RCW 84.04.140, except regular property taxes levied by port districts or public utility districts specifically for the purpose of making required payments of principal and interest on general indebtedness.
(9) "Sponsor" means any county or city initiating and undertaking a public improvement.
(10) "Tax allocation base value of real property" means the true and fair value of real property within an apportionment district for the year in which the apportionment district was established.
(11) "Tax allocation bonds" means any bonds, notes, or other obligations issued by a sponsor pursuant to *section 10 of this act.
(12) "Tax allocation revenues" means those tax revenues allocated to a sponsor under RCW 39.88.070(1)(b).
(13) "Taxing districts" means any governmental entity which levies or has levied for it regular property taxes upon real property located within a proposed or approved apportionment district.
(14) "Urban area" means an area in a city or located outside of a city that is characterized by intensive use of the land for the location of structures and receiving such urban services as sewers, water, and other public utilities and services normally associated with urbanized areas. Not more than twenty-five percent of the area within the urban area proposed apportionment district may be vacant land.
(15) "Value of taxable property" means value of taxable property as defined in RCW 39.36.015.


Reviser's note: *(1) "section 10 of this act," codified as RCW 39.88.090, deals with general obligation bonds. Tax allocation bonds are the subject of section 11 (RCW 39.88.100), which was apparently intended. The error arose in the renumbering of sections in the engrossing of amendments to Second Substitute Senate Bill No. 4603 [1982 1st ex.s. c 42].
(2) The definitions in this section have been alphabetized pursuant to RCW 1.08.015(2)(k).
(3) As to the constitutionality of this section, see Leonard v. Spokane, 127 Wn.2d 194, 897 P.2d 358 (1995).
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