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Local government general obligation bondsIndebtednessPaymentNotice by special district.

(1) General obligation bonds of local governments shall be subject to this section. Unless otherwise stated in law, the maximum term of any general obligation bond issue shall be forty years.
(2) General obligation bonds constitute an indebtedness of the local government issuing the bonds that are subject to the indebtedness limitations provided in Article VIII, section 6 of the state Constitution and are payable from tax revenues of the local government and such other money lawfully available and pledged or provided by the governing body of the local government for that purpose. Such governing body may pledge the full faith, credit and resources of the local government for the payment of general obligation bonds. The payment of such bonds shall be enforceable in mandamus against the local government and its officials. The officials now or hereafter charged by law with the duty of levying taxes pledged for the payment of general obligation bonds and interest thereon shall, in the manner provided by law, make an annual levy of such taxes sufficient together with other moneys lawfully available and pledge [pledged] therefor to meet the payments of principal and interest on the bonds as they come due.
(3) General obligation bonds, whether or not issued as physical instruments, shall be executed in the manner determined by the governing body or legislative body of the issuer. If the issuer is the county or a special district for which the county treasurer is the treasurer, the issuer shall notify the county treasurer at least thirty days in advance of authorizing the issuance of bonds or the incurrence of other certificates of indebtedness.
(4) Unless another statute specifically provides otherwise, the owner of a general obligation bond, or the owner of an interest coupon, issued by a local government shall not have any claim against the state arising from the general obligation bond or interest coupon.
(5) As used in this section, the term "local government" means every unit of local government, including municipal corporations, quasi municipal corporations, and political subdivisions, where property ownership is not a prerequisite to vote in the local government's elections.


Acts of municipal officers ratified and confirmed1995 c 38: See note following RCW 3.02.045.
Purpose1984 c 186: "The purpose of this 1984 act is to provide simplified and uniform authorities for various local governments to issue and sell general obligation bonds. It is not the purpose of this 1984 act to alter the indebtedness limitation of local governments." [ 1984 c 186 § 1.]
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