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Department coordination of conservation development with utilities.

(1) The department shall consult with the local utilities to develop priorities for energy conservation projects pursuant to this chapter, cooperate where possible with existing utility programs, and consult with the local utilities prior to implementing projects in their service territory.
(2) A local utility shall be offered the initial opportunity to participate in the development of conservation projects in the following manner:
(a) Before initiating projects in a local utility service territory, the department shall notify the local utility in writing, on an annual basis, of public facilities in the local utility's service territory at which the department anticipates cost-effective conservation projects will be developed.
(b) Within sixty days of receipt of this notification, the local utility may express interest in these projects by submitting to the department a written description of the role the local utility is willing to perform in developing and acquiring the conservation at these facilities. This role may include any local utility conservation programs which would be available to the public facility, any competitive bidding or solicitation process which the local utility will be undertaking in accordance with the rules of the utilities and transportation commission or the public utility district, municipal utility, cooperative, or mutual governing body for which the public facility would be eligible, or any other role the local utility may be willing to perform.
(c) Upon receipt of the written description from the local utility, the department shall, through discussions with the local utility, and with involvement from state agencies and school districts responsible for the public facilities, develop a plan for coordinated delivery of conservation services and financing or make a determination of whether to participate in the local utility's competitive bidding or solicitation process. The plan shall identify the local utility in roles that the local utility is willing to perform and that are consistent with the provisions of RCW 39.35C.040(2) (d) and (e).


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