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Revenue development area adoptionOrdinanceHearing and delivery requirements. (Expires June 30, 2044.)

(1) To adopt a revenue development area, a sponsoring local government, and any cosponsoring local government, must adopt an ordinance establishing the revenue development area that:
(a) Describes the public improvements proposed to be made in the revenue development area;
(b) Describes the boundaries of the revenue development area, subject to the limitations in RCW 39.102.060;
(c) Estimates the cost of the proposed public improvements and the portion of these costs to be financed by local infrastructure financing;
(d) Estimates the time during which local excise tax allocation revenues, local property tax allocation revenues, and other revenues from local public sources are to be used for local infrastructure financing;
(e) Provides the date when the use of local excise tax allocation revenues and local property tax allocation revenues will commence; and
(f) Finds that the conditions in RCW 39.102.070 are met and the findings in RCW 39.102.080 are complete.
(2) The sponsoring local government, and any cosponsoring local government, must hold a public hearing on the proposed financing of the public improvements in whole or in part with local infrastructure financing before passage of the ordinance establishing the revenue development area. The public hearing may be held by either the governing body of the sponsoring local government and the governing body of any cosponsoring local government, or by a committee of those governing bodies that includes at least a majority of the whole governing body or bodies. The public hearing is subject to the notice requirements in RCW 39.102.100.
(3) The sponsoring local government, and any cosponsoring local government, shall deliver a certified copy of the adopted ordinance to the county treasurer, the governing body of each participating local government and participating taxing district within which the revenue development area is located, the board, and the department.


ApplicationSeverability2007 c 229: See notes following RCW 39.102.020.
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