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Civil actionAttorney general.

(1) Civil proceedings to enforce this chapter may be brought by the attorney general against any person that:
(a) Engages in a pattern or practice of violating this chapter; or
(b) Engages in a violation of this chapter that raises an issue of significant public importance.
(2) In a civil action commenced under this section, the court may:
(a) Grant any appropriate equitable or declaratory relief, including costs and reasonable attorneys' fees, with respect to the violation of this chapter;
(b) Award all other appropriate relief, including monetary damages, to any person aggrieved by the violation; and
(c) To vindicate the public interest, assess a civil penalty:
(i) In an amount not exceeding fifty-five thousand dollars for a first violation; and
(ii) In an amount not exceeding one hundred ten thousand dollars for any subsequent violation.
(3) Upon timely application, a person aggrieved by a violation of this chapter with respect to which the civil action is commenced may intervene in such an action and may obtain appropriate relief as the person could obtain in a civil action under RCW 38.42.130 with respect to that violation, along with costs and reasonable attorneys' fees.
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