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[Art. 24] Summary courts-martial of organized militia not in federal serviceWho may convene.

(1) In the organized militia not in federal service pursuant to Title 10 U.S.C., anyone authorized to convene a special court-martial, the commanding officer of a garrison, fort, post, camp, air base, auxiliary air base, or other place where troops are on duty, or of a regiment, wing, group, detached battalion, detached squadron, detached company, or other detachment may convene a summary court-martial consisting of one commissioned officer. The proceedings shall be informal.
(2) When only one commissioned officer is present with a command or detachment the commissioned officer shall be the summary court-martial of that command or detachment and shall hear and determine all summary court-martial cases brought before him or her. Summary courts-martial may, however, be convened in any case by superior competent authority when considered desirable.
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