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Conformance with federal laws.

The governor shall cause the organized militia of this state at all times to conform to all federal laws and regulations as are now or may hereafter from time to time become operative and applicable, notwithstanding anything in the laws of this state to the contrary. Except as and when otherwise specifically provided by federal laws, the organized militia of Washington, or any part thereof, shall be subject to call for United States service at such times, in such manner, and in such numbers as may from time to time be prescribed by the United States.
In conformity with the provisions of federal statutes, officers and enlisted persons of the organized militia called or drafted into federal service by order or proclamation of the president of the United States, shall upon release from federal service revert to their former status, grade and rank, as members of the organized militia of Washington, and shall continue to serve in the organized militia of Washington until separated therefrom in the manner provided by law.
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