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Olympic National Park.

Exclusive jurisdiction shall be, and the same is hereby ceded to the United States over and within all the territory that is now or hereafter included in that tract of land in the state of Washington, set aside for the purposes of a national park, and known as the Olympic National Park; saving, however, to the said state, the right to serve civil and criminal process within the limits of the aforesaid park, in suits or prosecutions for or on account of rights acquired, obligations incurred or crimes committed in said state, but outside of said park; and saving further to the said state the right to tax persons and corporations, their franchises and property on the lands included in said park: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, This jurisdiction shall not vest until the United States, through the proper officer, notifies the governor of this state that they assume police or military jurisdiction over said park: AND PROVIDED FURTHER, That full jurisdiction over a strip of land two hundred fifty feet wide, being one hundred twenty-five feet wide on each side of the now existing center line of primary state highway No. 9 together with existing pit sites and stockpile sites within said park shall be retained by the state of Washington.
[ 1945 c 114 § 1; 1941 c 51 § 1; 1939 c 170 § 1; Rem. Supp. 1945 § 8110-1.]
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