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As used in this chapter, the following words shall have the meanings ascribed herein:
(1) "Services department" shall mean the county central services department, established in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
(2) "Board" shall mean the board of county commissioners.
(3) "Automatic data processing" or "ADP" shall mean that method of processing information using mechanical or electronic machines, guided by predetermined instructions to produce information in usable form, and shall include but not be limited to electronic accounting machines, electronic data processing machines, and computers.
(4) "Electronic accounting machines" or "EAM" shall mean that method of ADP utilizing punch cards or unit record equipment.
(5) "Electronic data processing" or "EDP" shall include that system which comprises a combination of equipment or unites to provide input of source data, storage and processing of data and output in predetermined form, including a central processing unit (CPU) or main frame.
(6) "Computer" shall mean any device that is capable of solving problems and supplying results by accepting data and performing prescribed operations. It shall include analog or digital, general purpose or special purpose computers.
(7) "Copy" or "micro-copy" shall mean photographic, photostatic, photomechanical or other copy process.
It is the intent of this chapter that the definitions contained in subsections (3) through (7) of this section shall be construed in the broadest possible interpretation in order that new and modern equipment and methods as they become available shall be included therein.
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