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Park and recreation boardPowers and duties.

The county park and recreation board:
(1) Shall elect its officers, including a chair, vice chair and secretary, and such other officers as it may determine it requires.
(2) Shall hold regular public meetings at least monthly.
(3) Shall adopt rules for transaction of business and shall keep a written record of its meetings, resolutions, transactions, findings and determinations, which record shall be a public record.
(4) Shall initiate, direct, and administer county recreational activities, and shall select and employ a county park and recreation superintendent and such other properly qualified employees as it may deem desirable.
(5) Shall improve, operate, and maintain parks, playgrounds, and other recreational facilities, together with all structures and equipment useful in connection therewith, and may recommend to the board of county commissioners acquisition of real property.
(6) Shall promulgate and enforce reasonable rules and regulations deemed necessary in the operation of parks, playgrounds, and other recreational facilities, and may recommend to the board of county commissioners adoption of any rules or regulations requiring enforcement by legal process which relate to parks, playgrounds, or other recreational facilities.
(7) Shall each year submit to the board of county commissioners for approval a proposed budget for the following year in the manner provided by law for the preparation and submission of budgets by elective or appointive county officials.
(8) May, subject to the approval of the board of county commissioners, enter into contracts with any other municipal corporation, governmental or private agency for the conduct of park and recreational programs.
[ 2009 c 549 § 4102; 1963 c 4 § 36.68.060. Prior: 1949 c 94 § 6; Rem. Supp. 1949 § 3991-19.]
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