Chapter 36.57A RCW



36.57A.011Municipality defined.
36.57A.020Public transportation improvement conferenceConveningPurposeMulti-county conferences.
36.57A.030Establishment or change in boundaries of public transportation benefit areaHearingNoticeProcedureAuthority of county to terminate public transportation benefit area.
36.57A.040Cities included or excludedBoundariesOnly benefited areas includedOne area per county, exception.
36.57A.050Governing bodySelection, qualification, number of membersTravel expenses, compensation.
36.57A.055Governing bodyPeriodic review of composition.
36.57A.060Comprehensive planDevelopmentElements.
36.57A.070Comprehensive planReview.
36.57A.080General powers.
36.57A.090Additional powersAcquisition of existing system.
36.57A.100Agreements with operators of local public transportation servicesOperation without agreement prohibitedPurchase or condemnation of assets.
36.57A.110Powers of component city concerning passenger transportation transferred to benefit areaOperation of system by city until acquired by benefit areaConsent.
36.57A.120Acquisition of existing systemLabor contracts, employee rights preservedCollective bargaining.
36.57A.130Treasurer and auditorPowers and dutiesTransportation fundContribution of sums for expenses.
36.57A.140Annexation of additional area.
36.57A.150Advanced financial support payments.
36.57A.160Dissolution and liquidation.
36.57A.170Rail fixed guideway public transportation systemSafety program plan and security and emergency preparedness plan.
36.57A.180Public transportation for persons with special needs.
36.57A.191Maintenance plan.
36.57A.200Passenger-only ferry serviceAuthorizedInvestment plan.
36.57A.210Passenger-only ferry serviceTaxes, fees, and tolls.
36.57A.220Passenger-only ferry service between Kingston and Seattle.
36.57A.222Passenger-only ferry service districtsAuthorizedInvestment planDissolution.
36.57A.224Passenger-only ferry service districtsRevenue.
36.57A.226Passenger-only ferry service districtsIssuance of bonds.
36.57A.230Public transportation faresProof of paymentCivil infractions.
36.57A.235Public transportation faresSchedule of fines and penaltiesWho may monitor fare paymentAdministration of citations.
36.57A.240Public transportation faresPowers of law enforcement authorities.
36.57A.245Public transportation faresPowers and authority are supplemental to other laws.
36.57A.250Supplemental transportation improvements.


Financing of public transportation systems: Chapter 35.95 RCW and RCW 82.14.045.
Transportation centers authorized: Chapter 81.75 RCW.