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Limitations upon grants.

(1) Any person constructing or operating any utility on or along a county road shall be liable to the county for all necessary expense incurred in restoring the county road to a suitable condition for travel.
(2) No franchise shall be granted for a period of longer than fifty years.
(3) No exclusive franchise or privilege shall be granted.
(4) The facilities of the holder of any such franchise shall be removed at the expense of the holder thereof, to some other location on such county road in the event it is to be constructed, altered, or improved or becomes a primary state highway and such removal is reasonably necessary for the construction, alteration, or improvement thereof.
(5) Counties shall, in the predesign phase of construction projects involving relocation of sewer and/or water facilities, consult with public utilities operating water/sewer systems in order to coordinate design.
[ 2007 c 31 § 6; 1963 c 4 § 36.55.060. Prior: 1961 c 55 § 5; prior: 1937 c 187 § 38, part; RRS § 6450-38, part.]
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