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Metal theft enforcement strategyGrant and training program.

(1) To the extent funds are appropriated, the Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs shall develop a comprehensive state law enforcement strategy targeting metal theft in consultation with the criminal justice training commission, including:
(a) Development of best practices for targeting illegal purchasers and sellers involved in metal theft, with specific enforcement focus on catalytic converter theft;
(b) Strategies for development and maintenance of relationships between local law enforcement agencies and licensed scrap metal recyclers, including recommendations for scheduled or regular interactions, with a focus on deterring unlawful purchases and identifying individuals suspected of involvement in unlawful metal theft and individuals who attempt to conduct a transaction while under the influence of controlled substances; and
(c) Establishment of a grant and training program to assist local law enforcement agencies in the support of special enforcement targeting metal theft. Grant applications shall be reviewed by the Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs in consultation with other appropriate entities, such as those involved in enforcement against metal theft. Grant applicants with a demonstrated increase in metal theft over the previous 24 months are encouraged to focus solely on metal theft and unlawful purchasing and selling of unlawfully obtained metal in their jurisdiction, but may coordinate with other jurisdictions.
(2) Each grant applicant shall:
(a) Show a significant metal theft problem in the jurisdiction or jurisdictions receiving the grant;
(b) Propose an enforcement program that best suits the specific metal theft problem in the jurisdiction, including the number of enforcement stings to be conducted under the program;
(c) Demonstrate community coordination focusing on prevention, intervention, and suppression; and
(d) Collect data on performance, including the number of enforcement stings to be conducted.
(3) Grant awards may not be used to supplant preexisting funding sources for special enforcement targeting metal theft.


FindingsIntentEffective date2022 c 221: See notes following RCW 19.290.020.
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