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Program adoptionCounty requirements.

(1) To adopt a program under this chapter, the governing body of a county must take the following actions:
(a) Adopt a resolution or ordinance that includes:
(i) A statement that financing qualified projects, repaid by voluntary assessments on property benefited by C-PACER improvements, is in the public interest for safety, health, and other common good reasons;
(ii) A description of the region in which the program is offered, which:
(A) May include the entire county, which may include both unincorporated and incorporated territory; and
(B) Must be located wholly within the county's jurisdiction; and
(iii) A statement of the time and place for a public hearing on the proposed program; and
(b) Hold a public hearing at which the public may comment on the proposed program.
(2) A county may designate more than one region. If multiple regions are designated, the regions may be separate, overlapping, or coterminous.
(3) The resolution or ordinance adopted by a county under this section may incorporate the department of commerce program guidebook or any amended versions of that program guidebook, as appropriate, by reference.
(4) A county adopting a C-PACER program pursuant to this chapter may narrow the definition of "qualified improvements" to be consistent with the county's climate goals.
(5) Any combination of counties may agree to jointly implement a program under this chapter. If two or more counties implement a program jointly, a single public hearing held jointly by the cooperating counties is sufficient to satisfy the requirements of this chapter.
(6) If a county elects to join the statewide program administered by the department of commerce, it may adopt a resolution or ordinance in accordance with the requirements of the department.
(7) In lieu of establishing a voluntary statewide program, the department of commerce may produce a program guidebook for reference and use by county programs.
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