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Local advisory groups.

The board shall require a city or a county that establishes a jail industries program to develop a local advisory group, or to use an existing advisory group of the appropriate composition, to advise and guide jail industries program operations. Such an advisory group shall include an equal number of representatives from labor and business. Representation from a sheltered workshop, as defined in RCW 82.04.385, and a crime victim advocacy group, if existing in the local area, should also be included.
A local advisory group shall have among its tasks the responsibility of ensuring that a jail industry has minimal negative impact on existing private industries or the labor force in the locale where the industry operates and that a jail industry does not negatively affect employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities contracted through the operation of sheltered workshops as defined in RCW 82.04.385. In the event a conflict arises between the local business community or labor organizations concerning new jail industries programs, products, services, or wages, the city or county must use the arbitration process established pursuant to RCW 36.110.060.
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