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Public employment and civil service.

Except as otherwise provided in this title, the general provisions relating to public employment, including hospitalization and medical aid as provided in chapter 41.04 RCW, and the application of federal social security for public employees, the acceptance of old age and survivors insurance as provided in chapters 41.47 and 41.48 RCW, military leave as provided in RCW 38.40.060, self-insurance as provided in chapter 48.62 RCW, the application of industrial insurance as provided in Title 51 RCW, and chapter 43.101 RCW relating to training of law enforcement officers, shall apply to code cities. Any code city may retain any civil service system theretofore in effect in such city and may adopt any system of civil service which would be available to any class of city under general law.


Effective date, implementation, application1991 sp.s. c 30: See RCW 48.62.900.
Political activities of public employees: RCW 41.06.250.
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