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Taxation of motor carriers of freight for hireLimitationExceptions.

No demand for a fee or tax or penalty shall be made by a city or town against a motor carrier of freight for hire on gross income derived from providing transportation services more than four years after the close of the year in which the same accrued except (1) against a taxpayer who has been guilty of fraud or misrepresentation of a material fact; or (2) where a taxpayer has executed a written waiver of such limitations; or (3) against a taxpayer who has not registered as required by the ordinance of the city or town imposing such tax or fee, provided this subsection shall not apply to a taxpayer who has registered in any city or town where the taxpayer maintains an office or terminal, or in the case of a taxpayer who has paid a license fee or tax based on such gross receipts to any city or town levying same which may reasonably be construed to be the principal market of the taxpayer but in which he or she maintains no office or terminal.


Applicability1982 c 169: See note following RCW 35.21.840.
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