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First judgesTransfer of equipment.

Upon the effective date of this chapter (June 8, 1955), any justice of the peace who was the duly appointed and acting police justice of the city shall become a judge of the municipal court upon his or her filing his or her oath of office and bond as required by this chapter, and shall serve as a judge of said municipal court until the regularly elected judges of the court shall qualify following their election in 1958, or thereafter as provided in RCW 35.20.150. Such judge shall be paid salaries in accordance with this chapter while so serving. Such salaries from the city and county shall be in lieu of those now (June 8, 1955) being paid to the justice of the peace acting as police justice of the city court: PROVIDED, That upon the justices of the peace qualifying as municipal judges under this chapter, the number of justices of the peace for such city shall be reduced accordingly as provided in RCW 35.20.190. Should any justice of the peace acting as police judge fail to qualify as a judge of the municipal court, the mayor of such city shall designate one of the other justices of the peace of that city to act as municipal judge until the next general election in November, 1958, and the qualifying of the regularly elected judge. All furniture and equipment belonging to the city and county in which the court is situated, now under the care and custody of the justice of the peace and municipal judge, shall be transferred to the municipal court for use in the operation and maintenance of such court.


Reviser's note: Justices of the peace and courts to be construed to mean district judges and courts. See RCW 3.30.015.
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