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Conversion of proceedings.

(1) If it becomes apparent during the course of an adjudicative or rule-making proceeding undertaken pursuant to this chapter that another form of proceeding under this chapter is necessary, is in the public interest, or is more appropriate to resolve issues affecting the participants, on his or her own motion or on the motion of any party, the presiding officer or other official responsible for the original proceeding shall advise the parties of necessary steps for conversion and, if within the official's power, commence the new proceeding. If the agency refuses to convert to another proceeding, that decision is not subject to judicial review. Commencement of the new proceeding shall be accomplished pursuant to the procedural rules of the new proceeding, except that elements already performed need not be repeated.
(2) If appropriate, a new proceeding may be commenced independently of the original proceeding or may replace the original proceeding.
(3) Conversion to a replacement proceeding shall not be undertaken if the rights of any party will be substantially prejudiced.
(4) To the extent feasible the record of the original proceeding shall be included in the record of a replacement proceeding.
(5) The time of commencement of a replacement proceeding shall be considered to be the time of commencement of the original proceeding.
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