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Conversion procedureMutual association to domestic stock associationRules implementing sectionStandard.

Any mutual association, either domestic or federal, operating in the state of Washington may convert itself into a domestic stock association. The conversion shall be effected by the vote of two-thirds of the members present and voting in person or by proxy at any regular or special meeting of the members called for such purpose. Notice of such meeting, stating the purpose thereof, shall be given to the director and to each member by mailing notice to the member's last known address at least thirty days prior to the meeting.
At the meeting, the members may adopt a resolution amending its articles of incorporation and bylaws to provide for operation under this chapter as a stock association.
Upon adoption of the resolution, members shall be given notice of the proposed change and shall be offered, for a period of sixty days following the date of the meeting, the right to subscribe for the proposed stock, pro rata to their deposits in such mutual association, and such right shall be transferable. In the event that the total stock required has not, at the end of the sixty day period, been fully subscribed, the unsubscribed portion shall be offered to any former subscribers for such stock.
When the stock has been fully subscribed and paid for, certified copies of the documents relating to the conversion shall be submitted to the director for his or her approval of the conversion proceedings. Upon notification by the director that the director approves the conversion, the directors shall adopt a resolution declaring the association to be a stock association and thereafter it shall be such.
The director shall adopt such rules under chapter 34.05 RCW, the administrative procedure act, as are necessary to implement this section in a manner which protects the relative interests of members, depositors, borrowers, stockholders, and creditors.


Severability1982 c 3: See note following RCW 33.04.002.
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