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Mutual association member's interest in assetsMeetingsVotingProxies.

Each member having deposits in a mutual association shall have a proportionate proprietary interest in its assets or net earnings subordinate to the claims of its other creditors. At any meeting of the members of a mutual association, each member shall be entitled to at least one vote. A mutual association, by its bylaws, may provide that each member shall be entitled to one vote for each one hundred dollars of the member's deposit account. At any meeting of the members, voting may be in person or by proxy. Proxies shall be in writing and signed by the member and, when filed with the secretary, shall continue in force until revoked or superseded by subsequent proxies. Written notice of the time and place of the holding of special meetings (other than the regular annual meeting) shall be mailed to each member at his or her last known address not more than thirty days, nor less than ten days prior to the meeting. The regular annual meeting of the mutual association shall be announced by publication of a notice thereof in a newspaper published in the city or town, or, if the association is not in a city or town, in the county in which the association is located at least ten days prior to the date of such meeting, or by ten days' written notice to the members mailed to the last known address of each member.


Severability1982 c 3: See note following RCW 33.04.002.
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