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Consideration of pricing information by directorGuidelines.

In considering the pricing information required under RCW 32.32.290, the director shall apply the following guidelines:
(1) The materials shall be prepared by persons independent of the applicant, experienced and expert in the area of corporate appraisal, and acceptable to the director;
(2) The materials shall contain data which are sufficient to support the conclusions reached therein;
(3) The materials shall contain a complete and detailed description of the appraisal methodology employed; and
(4) To the extent that the appraisal is based on a capitalization of the pro forma income of the converted savings bank, the materials shall indicate the basis for determination of the income to be derived from the proceeds of the sale of stock and demonstrate the appropriateness of the earnings multiple used, including assumptions made as to future earnings growth. To the extent that the appraisal is based on comparison of the capital stock of the applicant with outstanding capital stock of existing stock savings banks or stock savings and loan associations, the materials shall demonstrate the appropriate comparability of the form and substance of the outstanding capital stock and the appropriate comparability of the existing stock savings banks and stock savings and loan associations in terms of such factors as size, market area, competitive conditions, profit history, and expected future earnings.
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