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Issuance of capital stockPrice.

A converted savings bank or a holding company organized pursuant to chapter 32.34 RCW shall issue and sell capital stock at a total price equal to the estimated pro forma market value of the stock issued in connection with the conversion, based on an independent valuation, as provided in RCW 32.32.305. In the conversion of a mutual savings bank or holding company, either of which is in the process of merging with, being acquired by, or consolidating with a stock savings bank, or a savings bank holding company owned by stockholders, or a subsidiary thereof, the following subsections apply:
(1) The price per share of the shares offered for subscription and issued in the conversion shall be not less than the price reported for stock which is listed on a national or regional stock exchange, or the bid price for stock which is traded on the NASDAQ system, as of the day before any public offering or other completion of the sale of stock in the conversion: PROVIDED, That for stock not so listed and not traded on the NASDAQ system, and any stock whose price has been affected, as of the day specified above, by a violation of RCW 32.32.225, the price per share shall be determined by the director, upon the submission of such information as the director may request.
(2) The independent valuation as provided in RCW 32.32.305 shall determine the aggregate value of shares for which subscription rights are granted pursuant to RCW 32.32.045, 32.32.050, and 32.32.055, rather than a price per share or number of shares as provided in RCW 32.32.290, 32.32.325, and 32.32.330. This independent valuation may be replaced by a demonstration, to the satisfaction of the director, of the fairness of the price of the shares issued.
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