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Computation of earnings.

(1) Gross current operating earnings. Every savings bank shall close its books, for the purpose of computing its net earnings, at the end of any period for which a dividend is to be paid, and in no event less frequently than semiannually. To determine the amount of gross earnings of a savings bank during any dividend period the following items may be included:
(a) All earnings actually received during such period, less interest accrued and uncollected included in the last previous calculation of earnings;
(b) Interest accrued and uncollected upon debts owing to it secured by authorized collateral, upon which there has been no default for more than one year, and upon corporate bonds, or other interest bearing obligations owned by it upon which there is no default;
(c) The sums added to the cost of securities purchased for less than par as a result of amortization;
(d) Any profits actually received during such period from the sale of securities, real estate or other property owned by it;
(e) Such other items as the director, in his or her discretion and upon his or her written consent, may permit to be included.
(2) Net current earnings. To determine the amount of its net earnings for each dividend period the following items shall be deducted from gross earnings:
(a) All expenses paid or incurred, both ordinary and extraordinary, in the transaction of its business, the collection of its debts and the management of its affairs, less expenses incurred and interest accrued upon its debts deducted at the last previous calculation of net earnings for dividend purposes;
(b) Interest paid or accrued and unpaid upon debts owing by it;
(c) The amounts deducted through amortization from the cost of bonds or other interest bearing obligations purchased above par in order to bring them to par at maturity;
(d) Contributions to any corporation or any community chest fund or foundation organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes, no part of the net earnings of which inures to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual and no substantial part of the activities of which is carrying on propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation. The total contributions for any calendar year shall not exceed a sum equal to one-half of one percent of the net earnings of such savings bank for the preceding calendar year.
The balance thus obtained shall constitute the net earnings of the savings bank for such period.
(3) Earnings paid by a savings bank on deposits may be referred to as "dividends" or as "interest".
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