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Supervisory directive or corrective action orderRestrictions on operationsOther requirements.

A supervisory directive or corrective action order may provide that the state trust company not do any of the following during the period of supervisory direction, without the prior approval of the director or the appointed representative:
(1) Dispose of, convey, or encumber any of its assets;
(2) Acquire new trust assets under management;
(3) Dispose of existing trust assets under management;
(4) Withdraw any of its own funds from bank accounts;
(5) Lend any of its funds;
(6) Invest any of its funds;
(7) Transfer any of its property;
(8) Incur any debt, obligation, or liability;
(9) Change the composition of the board of directors or management; or
(10) Any other written restriction or requirement as determined by the director.
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