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Supervisory directive.

(1) If, upon examination or investigation, or at any other time, it appears to the director that a state trust company is in an unsafe condition and its condition is such as to render the continuance of its business, without the director's supervisory directive, harmful to the public or to its beneficiaries, shareholders, or trustors, then the director may either negotiate and enter into a supervisory agreement or memorandum of understanding with the state trust company, or issue and deliver a supervisory directive or corrective action order without its consent, the contents of which shall contain:
(a) Notice to the state trust company of the director's supervisory determination; and
(b) A written list and description of the requirements necessary to abate the director's determination.
(2) If placed under a supervisory directive, with or without its consent, the state trust company shall comply with the director's lawful requirements as contained in the supervisory directive and within such time as provided in the supervisory directive.
(3) If the state trust company fails to comply with the supervisory directive within the time provided, the director may issue and deliver to the state trust company, with or without its consent, a corrective action order or an order of conservatorship.
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