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Returns, precinct and cumulativeDelivery.

The county auditor shall produce cumulative and precinct returns for each primary and election and deliver them to the canvassing board for verification and certification. The precinct and cumulative returns of any primary or election are public records under chapter 42.56 RCW.
Cumulative returns for state offices, judicial offices, the United States senate, and congress must be electronically transmitted to the secretary of state immediately.


Reviser's note: This section was amended by 2005 c 243 s 14 and by 2005 c 274 s 249, each without reference to the other. Both amendments are incorporated in the publication of this section under RCW 1.12.025(2). For rule of construction, see RCW 1.12.025(1).
IntentEffective date1990 c 59: See notes following RCW 29A.04.013.
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