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Green industry skill panelsPrioritization of workforce training programs.

(1) The legislature directs the board to create and pilot green industry skill panels. These panels shall consist of business representatives from industry sectors related to clean energy, labor unions representing workers in those industries or labor affiliates administering state-approved, joint apprenticeship programs or labor-management partnership programs that train workers for these industries, state and local veterans agencies, employer associations, educational institutions, and local workforce development councils within the region that the panels propose to operate, and other key stakeholders as determined by the applicant. Any of these stakeholder organizations are eligible to receive grants under this section and serve as the intermediary that convenes and leads the panel. Panel applicants must provide labor market and industry analysis that demonstrates high demand, or demand of strategic importance to the development of the state's clean energy economy as identified in this section, for middle or high-wage occupations, or occupations that are part of career pathways to the same, within the relevant industry sector. The panel shall, in consultation with the department and the *leadership team:
(a) Conduct labor market and industry analyses, in consultation with the employment security department, and drawing on the findings of its research when available;
(b) Recommend strategies to meet the recruitment and training needs of the industry and small businesses; and
(c) Recommend strategies to leverage and align other public and private funding sources.
(2) The board may prioritize workforce training programs that lead to a credential, certificate, or degree in green economy jobs. For purposes of this section, green economy jobs include those in the primary industries of a green economy, including clean energy, high-efficiency building, green transportation, and environmental protection. Prioritization efforts may include but are not limited to: (a) Prioritization of the use of high employer-demand funding for workforce training programs in green economy jobs; (b) increased outreach efforts to public utilities, education, labor, government, and private industry to develop tailored, green job training programs; and (c) increased outreach efforts to target populations. Outreach efforts may be conducted in partnership with local workforce development councils.
(3) The definitions in RCW 43.330.010 apply to this section.


*Reviser's note: The leadership team was created in 2009 c 536 § 3, which was vetoed.
Short title2009 c 536: See note following RCW 43.330.370.
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