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Job skills programGrantsReports.

The college board may, subject to appropriation from the legislature or from funds made available from any other public or private source and pursuant to rules adopted by the college board, and with the advice of the workforce training customer advisory committee established in RCW 28C.04.390, provide job skills grants to educational institutions. The job skills grants shall be used exclusively for programs which are consistent with the job skills program. The college board shall work in collaboration with the workforce training customer advisory committee established in RCW 28C.04.390 to assure that:
(1) The program is within the scope of the job skills program under this chapter and may reasonably be expected to succeed and thereby increase employment within the state;
(2) Provision has been made to use any available alternative funding from local, state, and federal sources;
(3) The job skills grant will only be used to cover the costs associated with the program;
(4) The program will not unnecessarily duplicate existing programs and could not be provided by another educational institution more effectively or efficiently;
(5) The program involves an area of skills training and education for which there is a demonstrable need;
(6) The applicant has made provisions for the use of existing federal and state resources for student financial assistance;
(7) The job skills grant is essential to the success of the program as the resources of the applicant are inadequate to attract the technical assistance and financial support necessary for the program from business and industry;
(8) The program represents a collaborative partnership between business, industry, labor, educational institutions, and other partners, as appropriate;
(9)(a) The commitment of financial support from businesses with an annual gross business income of five hundred thousand dollars or more shall be equal to or greater than the amount of the requested job skills grant;
(b) The commitment of financial support from businesses with an annual gross business income of less than five hundred thousand dollars shall be at least equal to the trainees' salaries and benefits while in training;
(c) The annual gross business income shall be the income reported to the department of revenue for the previous fiscal year;
(10) The job skills program gives priority to applications:
(a) Proposing training that provides college credit or leads to a recognized industry credential;
(b) From firms in strategic industry clusters as identified by the state or local areas;
(c) Proposing coordination with other cluster-based programs or initiatives including, but not limited to, industry skill panels, centers of excellence, innovation partnership zones, state-supported cluster growth grants, and local cluster-based economic development initiatives;
(d) From consortia of colleges or consortia of employers; and
(e) Proposing increased capacity for educational institutions that can be made available to industry and students beyond the grant recipients;
(11) Binding commitments have been made to the college board by the applicant for adequate reporting of information and data regarding the program to the college board, particularly information concerning the recruitment and employment of trainees and students, and including a requirement for an annual or other periodic audit of the books of the applicant directly related to the program, and for such control on the part of the college board as it considers prudent over the management of the program, so as to protect the use of public funds, including, in the discretion of the college board and without limitation, right of access to financial and other records of the applicant directly related to the programs; and
(12) A provision has been made by the applicant to work, in cooperation with the employment security department, to identify and screen potential trainees, and that provision has been made by the applicant for the participation as trainees of low-income persons including temporary assistance for needy families recipients, dislocated workers, and persons from minority and economically disadvantaged groups to participate in the program.
Beginning January 1, 2014, and every year thereafter, the college board shall provide the legislature and the governor with a report describing the activities and outcomes of the state job skills program.


Severability1983 1st ex.s. c 21: See note following RCW 28C.04.400.
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